Dom’ Profesor

Super Premium Romanian Product

From the ripe plum brandy to the bottle made by blown glass craftsmen, Dom’Profesor leads a life of the authentic product, unique through excellence.


It is traditionally consumed at room temperature from small brandy glasses, with meat starters and meat products, traditional cheeses and fatty products specific for winter season. It can also be served cold, an excellent ‘chaser’ poured directly from the freezer in frozen shot glasses or as an ingredient in mixology.

Palinca Dom’ Profesor Clara 0.7L

Excellently clear, the liquid has a classic aroma or clean plum brandy, seductive, fine but intensely fruity, of apricot, quince, plum and peach. Its taste is pleasant and creamy; it is remarkable through its velvety character, the alcohol being well integrated and it confirms the fruity aromatic array identified by aroma appreciation.  The aftertaste is very persistent, slightly sweet and spicy (white and black pepper).

Palinca Dom’ Profesor Bruna 0.7L

It has the colour of acacia honey, with subtle amber nuances. Its aroma is intensely woody, with an obvious tinge of vanilla, enriched with cedar and pine. Its taste is unctuous and savoury, the alcohol being well integrated, with slight fruity nuances (apricots and dry plums), completed by strong woody taste or cedar and oak enriched by slight caramel and spicy notes (black pepper and nutmeg). The aftertaste is sweet, intensely vanilla and pepper accents.

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