Eristoff vodka originates from Georgia and was created for Prince Eristavi of the Duchy of Racha in 1806.
Contains 100% cereal alcohol, goes through a triple distillation process and is then filtered through coal, a technique which was initiated in the 18th century in Russia.


ERISTOFF vodka bears the name of one of the oldest and noblest families in Russia. The Eristoff family, originating from the region which is now called Georgia, was a family of very rich landowners highly connected to the Russian royal family, having a long and impressive military history.
The ERISTOFF superior class derives from the use of only the best raw materials. This combination leads to a neutral taste obtained from the best rye.
The ERISTOFF symbol is a wolf howling at a crescent moon and represents the name of Georgia in Persian – Virshan – meaning “land of the wolf”. Even today, Georgia is the land of the grey wolf, which has represented for hundreds of years an important part of the Georgian folklore and culture.

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