Created at the end of the 60s, while preserving the distilling procedures of the 19th century, Finlandia Vodka has transformed the making of alcoholic beverages into art, by keeping each and every stage of the process at a very high end level, so it would never affect the natural environment in which Finlandia was born. Finlandia has combined empathy towards nature with the science of producing alcoholic beverages, thus creating one of the finest types of vodka in the world. It also managed to protect the surrounding environment, along with the whole production mechanism, treating the whole process with outmost respect.


What is truly remarkable about Finlandia Vodka is the production process itself, since the finest vodka in the world, can only be created by using the purest glacial water. These waters don’t require artificial filtering, due to the glacial spring from Ramajaki, a true national treasure and also thanks to the Midnight Sun, which every year, for 73 consecutive days, makes sure these waters get the natural treatment they need.
Under the Midnight Sun, nature gifted the Finns another precious asset: the six row barley, grinded and transformed into a special pasta for fermentation. It is a special kind of barley, which contains a small quantity of oil that gives the vodka its special taste and flavor. Thanks to its 50 hours distilling process, all impurities and imperfections are completely removed, making room for the natural accomplished creation: Finlandia Vodka.

Finlandia Lime Fusion was rolled out in 1999. It has the sparkling texture of classic vodka and the friendly flavor of a tropical fruit. Those combined, bestow the vodka a fresh taste of lemon sorbet that adds up to the vigorous note of the Finlandia classic.

Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion was launched in 2006; It is a fine example of skillful combination between the delicious fruit extract and the vigorous flavor of the classic Finlandia vodka. It has the sparkling appearance of the famous vodka and the fresh flavor of grapefruit.

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