Grey Goose VX

Grey Goose VX

With 95 % vodka content, GREY GOOSE VX is the obvious choice for various occasions, an appropriate drink for the new concept of night life. François Thibault, GREY GOOSE Maître de Chai, uses his experience and passion to obtain the finest beverages. Grey Goose House winemaker’s ambition was to create a new and unique version of Grey Goose Vodka. A masterfully mixed spirit drink created with precious cognac drops and only the best vodka in the world.


GREY GOOSE VX contains only the highest quality cognac, exclusively manufactured from the best grape varieties grown in the Grande Champagne region. François has selected white grapes from the Grande Champagne region in Cognac to create a refined eau-de-vie, with a light and floral style. François has captured the essential characteristics of the soil and amplified the aromatic profile of the cognac, distilling the yeast with the wine. GREY GOOSE VX contains a blend of young cognacs which have not yet matured. This precious eau-de-vie is left to rest in big old vats made of limousin and troncain oak. The filtered cognac is blended with Grey Goose vodka, with 40% volume of alcohol, in the Grey Goose blending room in Gensac. François’s ambition was to achieve a subtle yet harmonious balance between Grey Goose vodka and the aromatic nature of cognac.

Flavour: Jasmin, acacia, iris and apricots, followed by white peach and fresh apples.
Taste: Rich, delicate and harmonious, with honey sweetness.
End: Soft, prolonged and generous, revealing notes of fresh pear.

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