True 100% Natural Drinks

True, a BDG own brand, is a responsible brand: Energy, Ginger and Tonic DO NOT contain preservatives, dyes or artificial flavours and are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients. The purpose of the brand is to provide consumers oriented towards a healthy life style an alternative in the soft drinks segment. True means 100% natural.


Made exclusively from natural ingredients, True Drinks are perfect for mixes with spirits without losing the versatile and fizzy character. True Drinks consumed as soft drinks they are the right choice for those who appreciate quality and a healthy recipe.

Energy drink made from 100% natural ingredients. At the base of the recipe are the extracts from acai, guarana and green coffee. Guarana contains a substance with energizing effect – guaranine, whose effects are similar to those given by the caffeine. The Acai Berry fruits contain the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 and are well known in the whole world because of the impressive quantity of antioxidants. Practically, TRUE ENERGY offers the taste of energy drinks in a much more healthier formula.

The flavours of ginger and lemon juice of the fizzy refreshment drinks – are the ideal combination for a glamorous cocktail with whiskey.

Natural tonic water with Quassin and lemon juice – the reinvented formula of tonic, without quinine. True Tonic provides an additional flavour to any cocktail based on tonic.

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