Dewar’s is an authentic scotch created in 1846 by John Dewar. Today, DEWAR’S is the fifth biggest Blended whisky brand in the world and the best sold Scotch Whisky in the USA.


The two entrepreneur sons of John Dewar, John Alexander and Tommy Dewar, respectively, ensured the international success of the DEWAR’S brand. The two brothers founded the Aberfeldy Distillery in 1898, which is considered the physical and spiritual home of DEWAR’S and which has continued to this day to produce Single Malt Whisky that is the fundament of each DEWAR’S blend.

The cornerstone of the Dewar’s portfolio is the WHITE LABEL blend, which was initially created in 1899. Dewar’s White Label is a blend of over 40 of the best Scotch malts and bran, very carefully selected by the Master Blender. Each is selected individually in order to obtain the robust and satisfying taste of the whisky. The Aberfeldy Single Highland malt is considered to be the heart of the entire blend and offers a unique and recognizable taste resulted from the combination of plants and honey. This process was initiated 100 years ago by the first Master Blender. The same manufacturing technique from the beginning has continued to be used to this day.


Dewar’s 12 is created by a careful selection of the highest quality 12-year whiskeys, from cereal and malt. Once blended, Dewar’s 12 is kept in oak barrels for a longer “friendship” period. Dewar’s 12 has won 9 awards since as early as its first 3 years of existence, being launched in 2000.

Dewar’s 18 is a Premium whisky, created by careful selection and blending of the highest quality 18-year whiskeys, from malt and cereal. Once blended, Dewar’s 18 is kept in oak barrels for the harmonization of the flavours.

Dewar’s Signature is an ultra premium blend of the best and rarest whiskeys from malt and cereal, from each distillery region in Scotland. Aberfeldy 27 Year Old Single Highland Malt is the main element of the blend which gives its unique nature resulted from the association of plants and honey.

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