Finest Call

Finest Call products are of the highest quality and bartenders around the world use them in the preparation of their cocktails. The fruits selected for the Finest Call are of specially chosen varieties, which are harvested in a very short space of time, in order to ensure the flavour of the ripe fruit flavour and colour.


Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixers have been designed from the ground up to meet the most demanding requests of professional bartenders. Finest Call has quickly become a basic element in the bars and restaurants around the world, due to the qualities which are based on the innovative and very practical packaging, store-and-pour, until the ingredients of superior quality that delivers unmatched flavour of the Finest Call mixers.
Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixers is the bestselling brand in the world in the category cocktail mixers and this is due to the compliance with thoroughness of the four cardinal principles which meet the role of philosophical marks of the brand: 1. Indisputable quality; 2. Innovative packaging; 3. Strategic partnerships; 4. Brand with global coverage.

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