Grey Goose

Grey Goose is the most appreciated and exclusive vodka in the entire world! It was designed to offer connoisseurs of spirits a premium experience.


Manufactured in the Cognac region in France, home to the most renowned experts in the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages, Grey Goose revels in the rich history of this region related to luxury items, from food to wine and spirits.
The Maître de Chai (cellar master) of Grey Goose guarantees that each manufactured element is of the highest quality. He picks 100% of the finest French wheat – the same wheat used in creating the delicious French patisserie products – and engages in an exclusive 5-step distillation process meant to encompass the entire flavour of the wheat. Pure source water which goes through a natural filtration process through the Champagne calcar is added to the composition of the beverage. Only when the alcohol reaches optimum taste does the cellar master declare himself truly pleased.

Grey Goose is premium vodka with a velvety consistency which leaves an intense and memorable aftertaste.

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