Laurent Perrier

Bernard of Nonancourt has created Laurent-Perrier, due to his passion for champagne, his respect for the traditional values and, most important of all, for people, being inspired in all this process by his independent spirit and his creative ambition.


The house Laurent-Perrier was founded in 1812 by Andre Michel Pierlot and took over the name of Veuve Laurent-Perrier, together with the extension of the business, when Mathilde Emilie Perrier, the widow of Eugene Laurent, has joined the two family names. Eugénie Hortense Laurent, his daughter, has inherited the House in 1925 and sold it to Marie-Louise Lanson of Nonancourt in 1939. In 1945, Bernard de Nonancourt started a stage as an apprentice, where he learned every aspect of the process of wine preparation, from the production of the wine up to the aging in the cellar. In October 1948, he was appointed President and General Manager of the House. At that time, Laurent-Perrier House delivered 80,000 bottles per year. Bernard has created the representative style of Laurent-Perrier, defined by freshness, finesse and elegance, thus giving rise to a unique range of champagne which today is being exported in more than 160 countries around the world.

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