The Famous Grouse

There are many reasons why the brand earns its “Famous” title and retains the mantle of “Scotland’s favourite”. The care and craftsmanship of the team of expert whisky-makers behind the brand is vital to consistently achieving its premium flavour and quality, from cask to glass.
The whiskey makers continue to use more ex-sherry casks than anyone else in the business of Scotch whisky which cost 10 times more than bourbon casks and gives a smoother more rounded taste, which the founder family realised over 100 years ago. The vision that remains to this today is simple: to create the best blended whiskey.


The Famous Grouse is Scotland’s favourite whisky, a fact the brand is more proud of than any other. Scotland’s favourite whisky was created in 1896 by Matthew Gloag, whose signature is still printed on every bottle of The Famous Grouse sold today. And no-one is more discerning about Scotch whisky than the Scots themselves who savour three drams of The Famous Grouse every second!
The brand’s rich heritage – dating back to 1800 – is celebrated at the five-star home of the brand, The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret, Scotland’s oldest working distillery in Perthshire. The Famous Grouse Icon has also become ‘famous’ since first appearing in our advertising in the autumn of 1995.

The finest cereals, pure water and the sherry and bourbon casks carefully selected are the foundations that provide The Famous Grouse whiskey’s fine taste, which is rich and slightly sweet. The different types of barrels used in the aging process provides distinctive notes: well balanced aromas of oak and sherry with hints of citrus. The Famous Grouse confirms from year to year its quality and is now the whiskey no. One in Scotland for over 30 years.

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