William Lawson’s

The bold, strong taste! An intense Scotch. No rules applied!


The fertile land and location of the distillery combine to produce GLEN DEVERON – the Award winning, fruity malt which lies at the heart of the WILLIAM LAWSON’S blend. A proportion of the casks used to mature GLEN DEVERON are sherry casks contributing to its full fruity impression. The secret of William Lawson’s big, bold taste comes down to the selection of only the fruitiest malts from across Scotland which is very apt considering the distillery was built within the fruit Orchard of Duff House. The smokier malts are also avoided because that would counter the glorious fruity flavour. To ensure the satisfying balance is achieved, a selection of aged grain whiskies is made that lend this fruit flavour extra bite. Stephanie Macleod is the William Lawson’s Master Blender and explains the secret in creating this big bold and fruity blend.

Nothing should come between a man and William Lawson’s whisky. No peaty overtones. No smoky aroma. No bouncer saying you’re wearing the wrong shoes. Nothing to stop you enjoying its big, bold fruity flavour. Its taste of toasted cereal. Hint of juicy apple. And dollop of chewy toffee. But don’t just take our word, take a sip. Or two.

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